Volume 2,Issue 1,2019 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

  • From the “1985 New Wave” to the Age of Image-Capital: On Protection of Chinese Painting and Self-Cultivation and the Acquisition of an Encyclopedic Knowledge of Art by Chinese Painters and Calligraphers
  • YANG Naiqiao
  • 2019,2(1):7-58 [Abstract(535)]  [View PDF(1666)43.62 M]
  • The Muted Lover and the Singing Poet: Ekphrasis and Gender in the Canzoniere
  • ZHONG Bili
  • 2019,2(1):59-74 [Abstract(501)]  [View PDF(887)13.03 M]
  • Where does Poetry Take Place? On Tensions in the Concept of a National Art
  • Paul Magee
  • 2019,2(1):75-93 [Abstract(488)]  [View PDF(784)14.70 M]
  • Jean Racine and Ancient Greek Tragedy
  • WU Yaling
  • 2019,2(1):94-107 [Abstract(479)]  [View PDF(478)13.39 M]
  • The Trauma of Another: The Female Body and National Victimhood
  • HUANG Junliang
  • 2019,2(1):108-118 [Abstract(448)]  [View PDF(575)8.54 M]
  • On the Modern Chinese Liberalist Poetics’ Mode of Resource Allocation
  • ZHANG Huijia
  • 2019,2(1):119-129 [Abstract(474)]  [View PDF(632)7.97 M]
  • The Introduction of Chinese Learning to the West and Early Translations of the Classic Chinese Novels (1735-1911): With a Focus on the English World
  • CHEN Tingting and WANG Xiao
  • 2019,2(1):133-136 [Abstract(467)]  [View PDF(583)2.93 M]
  • Space in Art History
  • YUAN Jing
  • 2019,2(1):137-140 [Abstract(456)]  [View PDF(520)3.63 M]
  • The Great Departure: Mass Migration from Eastern Europe and the Making of the Free World
  • HUANG Yanjie
  • 2019,2(1):141-144 [Abstract(426)]  [View PDF(456)3.15 M]
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