Call for Papers for The Thirteenth Triennial Congress of the Chinese Comparative Literature Association (CCLA)

According to the decision made at the fourth meeting of the 12th Executive Council of the Chinese Comparative Literature Association (CCLA), the Thirteenth Triennial Congress of The Chinese Comparative Literature Association will be held at Guangxi University, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China from July 25 to July 28, 2020. The Congress will be co-sponsored by CCLA and Guangxi University.

The main theme of the 2020 Congress is “Comparative Literature in the Changing Times and Cultural Transformation”. We are calling scholars and students who are in the area of comparative literature to participate into the Congress and share your thoughts and ideas with international comparatists.

We have the following information for your reference:


1、Panel Topics

1.Relationship between Chinese and Foreign Literatures in Cultural Transformation

2.Dissemination of Chinese Contemporary Literature in the World

3.Curriculum and Teaching of Comparative Literature in the Changing Times

4.Comparative Literature and Religious Studies: The Ultimate Concerns in Literature

5.Digital Humanities and Science Fiction

6.Hermeneutics of Comparative Literature

7.World Literature: Discourse and Practice

8.Globalization and Cross-cultural Drama

9.Variation Studies of Comparative Literature

10.Construction of Literary Criticism and Literary History in Comparative Literature

11.Literary Anthropology

12.Cross-cultural Literature Interpretation: Theories and Cases

13.East Asian Civilization and Comparative Literature

14.Translation of Chinese Literature and the Construction of China Images

15.Southeast Asian Literature and Culture Studies

16.Eco-literature Studies

17.Distant Reading and Cross-cultural Transformation of Poetics

18.Semiotics and Comparative Literature

19.Translation and the Making of World Literature

20.Overseas Chinese Literature Studies

21.Classical Civilizations from a Comparative Perspective



Registration: July 24, 2020

Congress: July 25-27, 2020


      3、Other Issues

1. Registration fee is ¥800 per person, and 50% discount for students. Attendees are expected to cover his/her own transportation and accommodation fees.

2.Please fill in the Registration Form and return it to before April 15, 2020. CCLA will send a formal invitation letter to participants whose papers are reviewed and accepted by the Congress Committee.

3. Should you have any question about the Congress, please contact:


Mr. He Yaoming 86-15677153528

Ms. Huang Yiwan: 86-15878712766

Prof. Guan Rongzhen: 86-13707818471


Chinese Comparative Literature Association

School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Guangxi University


Please find the link to dowload the Registration Form below: 2020 CCLA Registration Form

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